Language Goals March 2019

February was another busy month for me. But at least I could do a bit more than in January!

Language Goals February 2019 – Results


  • N3 vocabulary (Memrise, 700 new cards)
  • Kanji review (Memrise, Heisig deck)
  • Reading practice (Watanoc N4 articles) ()
  • Listening practice

I completed the vocabulary goal, although I should actually rephrase the goal: finish the current N3 vocabulary deck. In the end it wasn’t 700 cards but only 571 because I ignored a whole bunch of cards (partly cards I tried to learn before). Why? Many of the cards had mistakes and I couldn’t correct them. There were also some duplicate cards and some that I didn’t find useful.

I also reviewed kanji, but not on Memrise. The problem was that I had forgotten so many of the Heisig stories and reviewing cards in random oder was just pointless. Since Memrise announced to remove community courses from the app I decided to switch to Anki and just re-start the whole Heisig deck. I’m already about 350 cards in, it’s going much faster this time because I already learned everything before. Definitely the better approach to reviewing this deck.

I read a few articles on Watanoc, but again not that many… but I’d say I achieved the goal at least partly. The listening goal was much better, especially in the first half of the month. I also tried starting grammar but it was too much for me so I didn’t continue it.

Overall I studied for 37 hours in February, that’s about 1.3 hours per day.


Language Goals March 2019

I decided to not take the JLPT N3 this year. This opens so many possibilities for my language learning! I really miss my other languages, I guess I just can’t study one language only for an extended period of time. So from March on I’ll be back with learning several languages at the same time.


  • Review N4/N3 vocabulary/kanji (Memrise)
  • Review kanji (Anki, Heisig)
  • Reading practice (Watanoc N4 articles)
  • Listening practice (Peppa Pig, old N4 tests)

I will take it very slowly with Japanese in March. My main goal will be reviewing all my N4/N3 decks on Memrise before they get moved to the new site. After this I will uninstall the Memrise app and start learning new decks on Anki.

I will also continue working through the Heisig deck. I won’t set a specific goal because I really don’t know how fast it’s possible for me to progress… so the goal is just to do as much as possible.

And as always I will continue with the reading practice and listening practice.


  • Finish the current learning novel (A2)
  • Start a new learning novel (A2)
  • Duolingo stories (Set 2)
  • Duolingo reviews
  • Watch Youtube videos

I decided that Spanish will be my secondary language for a while. And my main study focus will be reading. In February I already picked up the learning novel I started… ages ago, and I really enjoy reading it. Before my strategy was to understand everything 100% which meant looking up a lot of words. But this was quite annoying so I didn’t read a lot. Now my goal is to just read the novel and only look something up if I feel I really need to understand the word for this part. So I just want to get as much input as possible. And I can always go back later to read it in more detail.

After I finish the current novel I want to start a new one. At the time of writing this post I have 14 learning novels for Spanish, so there’s a lot to read!

I will also look at the Duolingo stories again and try to finish all in the second set. And do some Duolingo reviews but I won’t put a lot of time into this because at this point I think that Duolingo can’t help me much anymore. Besides the reading I want to watch youtube videos to practice my listening comprehension and to learn a few new things.


  • Practice the script

Arabic is on my list of languages I want to learn in the future. At the moment I want to focus on my main languages (Japanese, Spanish, French) so I don’t really want to start it now, but I think it’s a good time to start practicing the script. I took a course in Arabic in 2016 so I already know how to read and write, but it’s been a while so I have to review and practice a lot. I will take this very slowly, I don’t really have a set goal for this.



Language Learning Blog

I finally decided to make a blog dedicated to my language learning activities. I’m not quite sure yet how exactly I want to use this blog, but I guess I will see over time. For now I mainly want to have a place where I can put down my language goals, my progress, and useful resources and other useful stuff that I found. This might be a bit chaotic but this blog’s purpose is mostly for myself, at least for now. I still hope that if anyone reads it they can use at least part of it as inspiration for their own language studies. I’d also like to give tips to other language learners in the future, but as of now I don’t have any concrete plans for it.