Language Goals February 2019

January was a very busy month for me. I had so much to do that I could barely study and even when I had an hour in the evening, I was often just too tired for language learning. I knew about it in advance and didn’t set many goals, but in the end it was so bad that I barely made any of my goals:

Language Goals January 2019 – Results


  • N3 vocabulary (Memrise, 800 new cards)
  • Reading practice (Watanoc N4 articles)
  • Listening practice

I was hoping I could do 800 new cards in Memrise, but the goal was way too high. I did 464 new cards (current number of cards: 1665), so a little more than half of the original goal. For a very busy month I think that’s still fine though.

I read a few articles, but definitely not enough to say I reached the goal. I can’t seem to get into reading at the moment. I did some listening practice though. I discovered Peppa Pig in Japanese and I love watching it because I understand almost everything without much effort, so it’s perfect even after a stressful day. And the Japanese version is very cute.

Overall I studied for 28.5 hours in January. I expected a lot less actually, but this is still almost 1 hour per day!


I didn’t study for my other languages in January. But I did 1-2 French lessons per day on Duolingo to keep reviewing my French a bit.

Language Goals February 2019

February might be a bit less stressful but I’m not sure. Anyway, I will continue with low level goals for another month because I don’t want to feel overwhelmed. The goals will be almost the same as in January and also Japanese only:


  • N3 vocabulary (Memrise, 700 new cards)
  • Kanji review (Memrise, Heisig deck)
  • Reading practice (Watanoc N4 articles)
  • Listening practice

There are 700 cards left in the deck I use at the moment (Nihongo Sou Matome N3) and I want to finish it in February. I neglected reviewing kanji in the last 1-2 months so that’s also something I want to start doing again.

Then as before I want to read a bit and also practice listening a lot to get more confident in both sections and before I move on to N3 material.


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