21DVC- 21 Days Vocabulary Challenge

On October 8th, I watched a video from Fingtam about a new challenge – Learn vocabulary for 21 days (#21DVC)! The goal of the challenge was to study vocabularly regularly for 21 days, to make it into a habit.

I already use Memrise every day to study vocabulary, so it’s already a habit for me to do this. But I thought I would use this challenge to finally start studying vocab for the JLPT N3. I kept putting it off, because I thought I should focus more on N4 stuff and because the N3 words looked so much harder and often boring.

I took one of the JLPT N3 Vocab decks on Memrise (I already picked some decks a while ago but never started them). In the beginning it was very hard for me. The words were sooo boring and some of them just didn’t seem to stick. I also had some technical issues with Memrise, which made me not want to study a lot. I still did my 5 minutes every day though.

And after about 2 weeks something happened: The words kept being hard and boring, but I felt like it went much better now. I could also resolve my technical issues which helped a lot with my overall motivation to do something.

On October 28th I finished the 21 days and here is the result:


I consistently studied for 21 days and learned a total of 244 new words, which is 11.6 words per day on average. This is pretty good, considering that during the first ~2 weeks I learned maybe 5 new words per day (or none when I only reviewed cards). I got much more active during the last week and I hope I can keep it up like this.

Overall I’m very happy I joined the challenge! It pushed me to finally start studying the N3 vocab and I realized that I really needed to start studying it now if I want to take the test next year.


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