Review of my French A2 course

From April to July I went to a French A2 course. My first impression of it was rather bad, but it got better after a while.

Actually not many people dropped the course, even at the end we were 17 (it was 23 at the beginning). Sometimes I still felt like the teacher took people randomly and some people could say a lot while I sometimes couldn’t say much, but I guess after a while I didn’t care much because I was too tired of my language studies anyway.

While in the beginning I felt like the teacher made people look bad sometimes, this stopped happening. Actually she’s a really nice person, though can also be quite strict sometimes (not necessarily a bad thing). And I was very impressed when I found out that she’s still teaching students even though she retired some years ago.

We had some really boring topics in the book, which our teacher liked a lot though, so sometimes it was really hard for me to stay motivated. I still tried my best and wrote a lot in our written assignments. The best moment for me was when I had to read the biography I wrote and she was praising it a lot because she found that it was written really well.

I also really appreciate that she offered one additional class on a Saturday because our regular class had to be canceled a lot during the semester (we have soooo many public holidays on Thursdays during spring…). Sadly, in the end we still couldn’t completely finish the book.

The final exam was okay. The listening comprehension part was fine, but some of it was rather hard. And they talked so fast for A2 level! There was no grammar part even though she said there would be, so I was a bit annoyed that I wasted time on some last minute learning (which I will forget anyway because it was just cramming stuff into my short term memory). Instead we had 2 text understanding tasks (not very hard) and then 2 text production tasks (about boring topics, yay).

And I made a huge mistake: I didn’t take a watch with me. I thought it wouldn’t be a problem because I usually work quickly through exams but this time I was really surprised when she said we’d only have 5 minutes left (I wasn’t slow, I just wrote much more than was necessary…). Which means that I couldn’t proofread everything again so I probably have a millions of mistakes. I’m pretty mad about this and I will definitely always take a watch with me now. Never underestimate things!

Overall I’m pretty happy with the course and I did learn a lot in these 3 months.

I don’t have any immediate plans for how to continue with French. For now I will take a small break because I have other languages to focus on. I’m also not sure I want to continue learning in a classroom setting. While I really enjoyed it in my French A1 course, I found it sometimes a bit annoying now, especially because you have to do what’s in the book and some topics are just boring. So after my break I will probably try to explore some other learning strategies and resources.