Japanese Goals November 2017

I was so busy that I didn’t have time to make a blog post about my November goals… but here they are.

  • JLPT N5 old tests
  • Listening practice
  • JLPT N4 vocabulary [Memrise, 350 cards]
  • Genki II vocabulary [Memrise, x cards]
  • 90 Kanji [Heisig + Kanji Study App]

My focus will be on old tests for the JLPT N5. There’s only 4 weeks left until the exam and I really need to look at some things again. I would probably pass even without doing this now, but I don’t just want to pass, I really want to understand all these things. I will try to listen to as much as possible to get more listening practice. I did some listening exercises from past tests and I got most of them right, but I still definitely need to practice more here.

I want to finish the remaining 350 cards from the N4 vocabulary so I can learn the N4 kanji in context starting next month. This is going quite well because I can use Memrise on my way to work to get things done. I will also do some more Genki II vocabulary, but no specific goal here.

Finally, I want to try to learn 90 kanji this month. That’s an average of 3 per day… And then I would have 800 kanji.

No Genki II planned for this month, there are too many other things to focus on.